Ebay Madness: Schoolboy Crush – Electric Playground (1989) for $205.05

Schoolboy Crush auction

I have this CD! I got mine for $55 when the seller listed it incorrectly.

This album is OK. It’s average late ’80s Hard Rock. Worth $200+? IMO, no.

The band just got together and released a new album in 2005 on SunCity Records (Australia).

Looks like I could make a profit!

5 comments on “Ebay Madness: Schoolboy Crush – Electric Playground (1989) for $205.05

  1. There was an old movie poster that I wanted a movie specific movie poster off ebay years ago. Three times I get outbid on it because I was not going to go over $25.00. Then one day I accidently typed in the wrong name and there was the poster under the same wrong listing. I was the only bidder and I got it and another poster of equal value both for $15.00 because of the wrong listing.

    • Are you kidding? Do you still have it? I will gladly reimburse you for it and buy it from you cash today!! I’ve been wanting this CD since I saw them live back in the 80’s, in which I HAD the CD from the actual concert and it was stolen……I would love to have this album again!!!

  2. Metal Mark – I used to snag a ton of CDs due to a misspelling in the auction title.

    Shenker instead of Schenker
    ACDC instead of AC/DC
    Judas Preist instead of Judas Priest

    People have caught on to that trick.

    Vohlker – I agree, $55 is too much for a single CD but I was drawn by the hype. Unfortunately, the CD doesn’t live up to the hype.

    I read your new article, very good and very true. I was also going to write a little about the insanity of pricing.

  3. Any chance that anyone has a copy of Blatherskite? Or Drop Dead, Death by Fusion from the nineties? I saw both these bands at the Emerson Theater back in the day, was friends with the bassist for Blatherskite and my CD was stolen. I would love to have these CD’s if you can find one or if anyone has one they would like to sell!! Or trade! I have over 2000 titles to choose from , YOUR CHOICE!

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