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Schoolboy Crush auction

I have this CD! I got mine for $55 when the seller listed it incorrectly.

This album is OK. It’s average late ’80s Hard Rock. Worth $200+? IMO, no.

The band just got together and released a new album in 2005 on SunCity Records (Australia).

Looks like I could make a profit!

Weekend playlist

Posted: May 1, 2006 in Now Playing

Even though I refused to leave my bedroom TV during day for the NFL Draft, I still had to go to work at night.

Working 3rd shift has it’s benefits when it comes to music because I can load the Dell DJ up and listen to 7 hours of Metal or I can bring in some CDs and play the stereo. Either way, this is how I listen to music at night 6 days a week.

Here’s what I had going this weekend:

Black’n Blue – s/t
Blackmore’s Night – The Village Lanterne
Saxon – s/t thru Crusader
Buckcherry – 15
Toto – Falling In Between
Lana Lane – Ballad Collection (Special Edition)
Hydrogen – Bombshell
Westworld – s/t
Evergrey – Monday Morning Apocalypse
Judas Priest – British Steel
UFO – Sharks
Black Sabbath – Heaven and Hell
Iron Maiden – s/t and Killers