Time to grow up?

Back in the day, my normal dress was blue jeans, concert shirt, denim jacket.
Today, my normal attire is blue jeans, a tour shirt, and my denim jacket. I listen to the same styles of music I did back when I was a kid. I don’t drink, smoke, gamble, or do drugs…..I buy albums and listen to Hard Rock & Heavy Metal.

I ran into an old friend today, one of the biggest Metalheads I remember. He was dressed in a suit & tie and was on his way to a business meeting. We talked for a few minutes and he noticed my Motley Crue shirt from the current tour. We got to talking about the old days, the old music, hanging out, etc…..

My friend: “So, what do you listen to now?”

Me: “Same as I always have. KISS, Crue, Maiden, Priest. Mostly, Hard Rock and Metal. I keep up with the new stuff, the new bands.”

My friend: “Really?”

Me: “Yeah! I still listen to the music, buy the new albums, go to the shows…..”

My friend interrupts: “I out grew that stuff a long time ago. It wasn’t that good anyway. I can’t believe I wasted all that money way back then.”

(Now this guy was the biggest Guns’n Roses fan back in the day. He was also majorly into Crue, Bulletboys, Maiden, Ozzy, and classic rock like Led Zep, Stones, Purple. He had longer hair than me and got into fights when someone challenged his loyalty to GNR.)

Me: “What’s wrong with listening to music you liked when we were kids?”

My old friend: “Nothing, I guess. Unless you want to be 16 forever. Don’t you think it’s time to grow up?”

Me: “Uhhh, I’m the same age as you (33). I have a family. A great job that pays very well. Music is my hobby, my only vice.”

(No reply)

Me: “So what do you listen to now?”

My old friend: “I like country, some Rock but mostly women like Sheryl Crow.”

(I’m not one to judge someone’s tastes. I believe you like what you like and no one should change it. But then this guy gets on my clothes…..)

My old annoying friend: “You wear what you wore when we were growing up!”

Me: “So?”

My old annoying friend: “Men your age aren’t supposed to wear that. What are you going thru some mid-life crisis?”

Me: “I gotta go.” (Shake his hand) “Good to see you.”

And with that final exchange, I walked away. It wasn’t the questions or comments, it wasn’t the “time to grow up” line, it was the condescending tone in his voice. I was being “talked down” to, as if I haven’t evolved past high school. I also got the looks of disapproval…..that face of disgust when someone finds something offensive. I just couldn’t carry on talking with someone who was close-minded.

I’m proud to be a Metalhead at 33. I still wear my colors and live for the music. I still don’t like being told what I should do or shouldn’t do. What I should like and shouldn’t like. My personal life is my own, not part of the spoon-fed masses.

Anyone else run into this scenario?