New Release Tuesday – 4/18/06

This week’s newsletter from Newbury Comics had a nice coupon for $2 off any used CD or DVD (limit 2) and listings for the new albums by Ian Gillan, Dio, and the U.S. release of the latest Toto album Falling In Between. With the wife taking a sick day, I went on the hunt WITHOUT the kids.

I hit the Newbury in South Attleboro, MA around Noon…..big mistake! This is the closest store to my house but it’s also the one that’s poorly stocked with new releases. I go there because I don’t want to pay for parking at the mall in Providence and I don’t like the drive to Warwick even if it’s only 20 mins! I’m a true Rhode Islander: if it ain’t within 10 mins of home, it ain’t worth it. Anyway, I’m usually waiting at the door when they open at 10am.

I scored the new Ian Gillan – Gillan’s Inn for a mere $13.88 and I lifted my ban on Blackmore’s Night when I saw the latest album, The Village Lanterne, for $9.99.

But I didn’t see a copy of Dio – Holy Diver Live or the U.S. release of Toto – Falling In Between. I had been putting off the Toto album until I did a major order online but the $9.99 price point was hard to resist. So I ask the 20-something, bored-looking register chick about the missing new releases and she gave me this, “Who? I’ve never heard of Dio or Toto. Isn’t Toto a dog?”

I just shook my head and grabbed a late 20-something clerk stocking the racks. He heard of Dio and told me they got 1 copy each of the new Dio and Toto and sold out earlier. He was nice enough to check the computer to find that 1 copy each would come in Thursday and that the mall store had 10 copies of the Dio CD and he could hold one for me. Again, being a true Rhode Islander, I’d still rather wait 2 days than drive 20 mins.

The used CD coupon was my only salvation but I couldn’t find anything that I didn’t have already. I did pick up the 2002 solo release For You from Great White frontman Jack Russell for $4 in the cut-out bin.

As I was headed to the counter, the bored cashier brought me a Toto CD. Turns out they had the European release on Frontiers for $15. Now I saw this a week earlier for $25 at the same store but they marked it down because of the U.S. version. They wouldn’t give me the sale price because it was an import but I nabbed it anyway, figuring it would cost me $15 online anyway.

So what did we learn this week? Never deviate from your routine! Always be waiting by the door of the local record store 10 mins before opening or it will cost you the only copy of a new CD by a living Metal legend!

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