Ebay Madness: Douglas – Mad CD goes for $676.66

Posted: April 19, 2006 in Ebay Madness

Check out this completed auction!

This just proves that some people have more money than sense! $676 for 1 CD is crazy. Kudos to the seller for getting that amount for it, this is a world built on business after all. If I could find a couple copies of this, I’d do the same thing.

I’ve never heard of Douglas but the band does have an info page at Heavy Harmonies…..check it out. I hope it’s a good CD!

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  1. Metal Mark says:

    Just think of all the things that amount of money could be spent on.

  2. Axel says:

    Official Re-Release normal price is available in our Mailorder:


    Best, Axel

  3. tony kontaxakis says:

    hello from athens
    this is Tony you know who!
    tony j.conta was the name on the album
    i think we should talk
    Tony Kontaxakis

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