Last night’s Queen Idol

I watched the show on DVR delay, so I can FF the commercials and the useless bits. I still find the whole concept of American Idol useless but I wanted to see Queen on U.S. television.

Best performance of the night was that bald dude doing Innuendo. I don’t care what the judges said, the guy was the best and had the balls to tackle a tune that Queen have never played live.

2nd best performance goes to the dude that sang Crazy Little Thing Called Love. Sure he was a spazz but he did the song well.

Worst performance goes to the guy who sang We Will Rock You… was terrible. You just knew that guy was all done when they showed the footage of his rehearsal with the band: he asks Brian May if they can switch the arrangement or something of the tune and Brian says, “I won’t have you do that to my song” or something to that effect. Priceless!