I hate the Post Office…..

In Japan, the Saxon remasters have been reissued and HMV Japan had the best price.

So I waited a couple of weeks for some extra cash and I placed the order: 1st six Saxon albums remastered w/Express shipping = $120. Delivery takes a week, no problem.

A week comes and goes…..nothing. I get a small card inside my door last Wednesday that said “delivery attempted, please fill out card with delivery instructions”. So I do.

Next day…..nothing. Friday…..nothing. I see my postman Friday afternoon and ask about the package, he says I have to pick it up. I hit the PO just before closing that night…..not there, told to check Saturday AM.

I’m 1st in line at 8am Saturday at the PO…..nothing. I’m told I have to fill out a claim for the package, etc, etc. So I give my wife a call at the house to tell her I might be a few minutes filling out forms…..guess what is on the front porch?

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