KISS wine…..again…..

KISS Wine at Celebrity

We already had a KISS wine back around the Reunion/Psycho Circus era. Now we have more wine. Limited to 1000 bottles at $100 each.

Do we really need more KISS wine? If we didn’t buy it 8-9 years ago, will KISS fans buy it now? What KISS fans need, what they want, is a new studio album!

After 29 years of being a KISS die-hard, I’m at my total frustration level.

New Bruce Dickinson solo DVD coming…..


As previously reported, Sanctuary Visual Entertainment has set June 20th as the U.S. release date for IRON MAIDEN singer BRUCE DICKINSON’s first solo DVD, entitled Anthology. The artwork for the DVD package can be seen here.

The 3 DVD set will include the following contents:

Disc 1 – Live: Dive Dive Dive – Originally released on PMI in 1991. 70 Minute feature of Bruce live in Los Angeles. Skunkworks Live – Originally released by Castle/JVC in 1997. 60 Minute Live feature of Bruce performing in Gerona, Spain.

Disc 2 – Live Bootleg!: Scream For Me Brazil – Previously Unreleased 104 minute feature of Bruce performing in Sao Paulo, Brazil on his 2000 Tour.

Disc 3 – Studio Extras: Promo Videos: ‘Tattooed Millionaire’, ‘All The Young Dudes’, ‘Dive Dive Dive’ (Single), ‘Born In ’58’, ‘Tears Of The Dragon’, ‘Shoot All The Clowns’, ‘Back From The Edge’, ‘Inertia’, ‘Accident Of Birth…’, ‘Killing Floor’, ‘The Tower’, ‘Chemical Wedding’, ‘The Road To Hell’, ‘Abduction’.

Extras: 1. Tyranny Of Souls EPK – Filmed interview with Bruce about the creative processes of making an album together with him talking about each individual song (60 minutes). 2. Interview about each promo video and the thoughts and ideas behind them (60 minutes). 3. Biceps of Steel – Short feature of Bruce in SAMSON, released in 1981.

Bruce comments on the upcoming release, stating, “It’s fantastic to share all of this stuff with my fans. These DVDs contain rare material that people either won’t know exists or have been unable to buy. The Samson video has changed hands for absurd amounts of money, and although we spent loads of time and had and lots and lots of fun making the promos, because MTV didn’t show them many of won’t have been seen. It was high time they were all chucked together in one package.”

New Release Tuesday – 4/4/06


My weekly Tuesday jaunt to the local shop was one of the best so far this year…..


4 new releases for $9.99 each…..


Here’s the list:
Lacuna Coil – Karmacode
Queensryche – Operation: Mindcrime II
Evergrey – Monday Morning
Sonata Arctica – For The Sake Of Revenge (w/bonus DVD)

Now how can you go wrong with that?

The only other releases of note (for me) were:

– The new Poison greatest hits – I passed because it’s basically the same as the previous one save for the new cover of Grand Funk Railroad’s ‘We’re An American Band’. A successful band like Poison can’t write a couple of originals? I would have bought it if it had new tunes, but for a cover? No way!

J. Geils has a new greatest hits as well. They already are a few out there so I passed. I’d rather have all the albums anyway.

Blackmore’s Night also released a new one but I’m done with the Medieval music. I have the 1st 3, they’re good for a change of pace but I would rather Ritchie do some ROCK music.

– I also noticed the new Venom but I never got into them even though they’re NWOBHM. I’ve never been a Black or Death Metal fan.