CD Scavenger Hunt – March 21, 2006

Took a shopping trip to the Newbury Comics in North Attleboro, MA on Tuesday. Tuesday is “new release” day for CDs and DVDs, so I wasn’t passing up on the Edguy CD for $9.99. There weren’t many new releases to pick up (I usually buy them thru online retailers) so I checked out the used bins for some deals…..

…..and there weren’t many…..

Queen – Queen II (1974/1991, Hollywood Records) – $9.99

I’m in the process of filling in some holes in my Queen collection. I have all the albums on cassettes and vinyl so I’ve been holding off on grabbing the CDs. 10 bucks for a used CD is usually too rich for my wallet but the new/sealed copy in the “Queen” section was $16. Save $6? Sure! At least the copy I grabbed was scratch-free and the inserts were pristine.

As I was ravaging the racks, I noticed that some newer Metal releases were already marked “used”: the new Lullacry, Nocturnal Rites, In Flames, and Sepultura. These are new releases from the last month so I asked a clerk what was the deal. I found out that many people will buy the CD at the sale price, upload it to their computer/MP3 player, and then return the CD for a few bucks in store credit or cash. Then they repeat the cycle.

As a collector, this has never crossed my mind. Why go thru the trouble of buying a CD, ripping it and returning it for a third of the purchase price? Now “New Release Tuesday” creates “Used Bin Wednesday”. Next week’s scavenger hunt just got more promising…..

One comment on “CD Scavenger Hunt – March 21, 2006

  1. We collectors are all hunters and gatherers. For years I went through the various second-hand/used shops where I lived and always wondered about people returning their mostly unused CDs. Some of the CDs were obviously presents returned, but there always seem(ed) to be a whole number of people who would buy and then record or rip the CDs to their various devices. Beats me why anyone would want to do that, especially since the shops here only pay a few bucks for used CDs, so not much money to be made here.

    It’s good for me though, because if I’m fast enough (we all know that there is a horde of people like us hunting for cheaper second-hand/used copies), I can get those elusive rarer copies for less than half the price (here). I’ve even got an agreement with one of the owners who will alert me to very rare stuff I have on my want-list. I have to say though that the guy also owes me some … I think I financed his swimming pool, the golden door handles and the fully-automated toilet seat cleaner!

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