The “Why Didn’t I Get A Flu Shot?” playlist

It all started Wednesday the 8th. I started my day at 5am and I had the Motley Crue show that night. No problem. I also had to go into work right after. Again no problem, it’s only 29 hours straight with no sleep. Then I realized the wife was working and I had to stay up after work to watch our youngest till 5pm. Oops! Big mistake, 36 hours straight with no sleep.

So the flu hit me like a sack of bricks, including a nice case of strep throat, on Friday morning. That didn’t stop me from going to Queen that night but it did make things worse. 5 days later and I’m starting to feel better… least my head stopped pounding.

So what do you do when you stay in bed with the flu and strep throat? You play good music!

Jaded – s/t (2006)
I happened upon this band while checking out local acts in the RI/MA area. Seems Jaded has been big on the Boston Rock Scene, opening for some big names and taking part in some local festivals. CD was $12 thru their site but it is going on Ebay for $50+. Some people just have too much money and not enough sense to Google the band. Anyway, the CD rocks, the band is beautiful, and I am looking to check out a local show soon.

Queen & Paul Rodgers – Return Of The Champions (2005)
Queen has been one of my favorite bands since I was a young boy. That said, I never got to see Queen live, until last Friday. I had the CD but never bought the DVD. That was a big mistake because I dismissed the CD as nothing special. After seeing the live show in Worceter, MA, I have a new appreciation for this live document. The DVD will be purchased this weekend.

Shark Island – Law Of The Order (1989)
One of those albums from back in the day that I always saw in the used bin and could never understand why people didn’t snatch them up. A fine album from a band that should have been a lot bigger than they were. Timing is everything and Shark Island should have done better. Read the interview Andrew does with Richard Black (vocals), it’s excellent.

AC/DC – Bon Scott era albums only
Before AC/DC fans start coming out of the woodwork…..I like both eras, I just decided to start from the beginning and go thru Highway To Hell because I think Bon Scott is a true genius frontman. Nothing against Brian Johnson because that guy did Back In Black, ’nuff said.

“I have the Flu” Moldy Oldies:
Motley Crue – Too Fast For Love (1982) & Shout At The Devil (1983)

A little more moldy than usual.I have followed Motley since the debut and these 2 albums are how I like to remember the Crue: hungry, loud, shocking. First Crue video I saw on MTV was ‘Live Wire’ and I remember thinking, “Wow, these guys are going to explode to the top.”. I was right! Both albums showcase the bands best material IMO, after that they became rich, glam, and less dangerous. Fave tracks from the debut: ‘Public Enemy #1′, ‘Piece Of Your Action’, ‘Too Fast For Love’, ‘Starry Eyes’. Faves from Shout: ‘Too Young To Fall In Love’, ‘Ten Seconds To Love, ‘Red Hot’, ‘Looks That Kill’.

I need 2 dust these 2 albums off a little more often, good memories and good Hard Rock.