Ozzfest 2006 announced

The lineup for Ozzfest 2006 has just been announced:

Main Stage:
System Of A Down
Lacuna Coil
*** A major Main Stage band is to be announced on May 23.

Second Stage:
Black Label Society
Bleeding Through
Norma Jean
A Life Once Lost
Strapping Young Lad
The Red Chord
Full Blown Chaos
Walls Of Jericho
All That Remains
Between The Buried And Me

For more info and tour dates go to Ozzfest.com
Just a few quick comments/questions on this year’s lineup:

1. All the bands on the Main Stage have been there before EXCEPT Lacuna Coil. Can’t they get some fresh bands? Ones that haven’t been there almost every year?

2. I understand that Zakk Wylde is Ozzy’s main guy but seeing Black Label Society every year gets old. Same goes for System Of A Down.

3. Aside from BLS and Strapping Young Lad…..who are the rest of these bands on the 2nd stage? Can anyone other than the “outcast goth teens” or “hardcore teens” honestly name a song, an album, or a band member from any of these bands?

4. Ozzy is only headlining 10 dates. Ozzfest=Ozzy. No Ozzy kind of destroys the point.

5. The best thing that happened to Ozzfest was the introduction of a co-headliner. We had Judas Priest, then Iron Maiden, now there is a “mystery band”. Unless this band is Metallica, any date without Ozzy is a waste of time.

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