Major delay due to a tragic loss

I haven’t posted for a couple of weeks now due to my brother-in-law being involved in a training accident resulting in his sudden passing. As a result, most of my close family, and my brother-in-law’s, flew to my sister’s side in Alabama. It’s a tragedy anytime someone so young (age 30) is taken but it’s more of a tragedy that my brother-in-law was taken so suddenly doing something that he did time and again. He is survived by my sister and their 2 children, his parents, and his 2 brothers. He was a complete family man, full of love and happiness for my sister and my nieces. He was a professional on the job and he was a true friend to all he knew. I will always remember him as smiling, joking, and being happy. That’s the way he would want it. He will never be forgotten.

Current playlist – at home and on the road

It’s been a whirlwind couple of weeks with everything happening so suddenly to my sister’s family. Music didn’t seem as important as I make it to be. I did bring along my Dell DJ for the plane ride to and from Alabama. I came home to a pile of CDs I had ordered and/or won on Ebay. So here are 2 playlists…..

Dell DJ playlist:

1. Deep Purple – Rapture Of The Deep
2. Jack Frost – Raise Your Fist To Metal
3. Icarus Witch – Capture The Magick
4. Black ‘n Blue – s/t
5. various KISS
6. various Black Sabbath
7. various Saxon

I’m scared of flying so I wanted some familiar tunes for the ride down to Alabama. I also had a long lay-over in Atlanta so I had to keep busy. I started out with Purple’s Rapture of The Deep…I still can’t stop playing this release. I moved on to the Black ‘n Blue s/t album. We hit some turbulence and I put on some KISS on SHUFFLE mode. The lay-over and plane hop to Montgomery, AL was Black Sabbath & Saxon, just me picking random tracks.

The plane ride back was at night so it worked out a little better. Icarus Witch was up 1st from Montgomery back to Atlanta. If you haven’t picked up the Icarus Witch album yet, you are missing some damn fine pure Heavy Metal! My lay-over was 3 hours in Atlanta so I spent it eating and watching CNN (not very Metal! LOL!). I was exhausted when we boarded the flight to Providence, RI so I put on the Jack Frost album determined to give it a proper listen. I fell asleep by Track 3! Woke up and tried again. Fell asleep again. Doesn’t say much for the album does it?

At Home playlist:

1. Jack Frost – Raise Your Fist To Metal
2. Keel – The Right To Rock (reissue, 2000)
3. Keel – The Final Frontier
4. Hurricane – Slave To The Thrill
5. Falcon Scream – s/t

I came home to a few discs waiting at my desk that I had ordered/won from Ebay. First thing was to give that Jack Frost CD a full, attentive listen. Quick review: it’s good, not great, I’ll go buy the new Seven Witches album anyway. Falcon Scream – s/t is an independent release from 1994 that I haven’t been able to file away yet. It’s good ’80s Hard Rock: good vocals, good harmonies, guitar solos, etc. One of the better indies out there, IMO.

From the Ebay pile I added the 2 Keel releases and the Hurricane. These have been on my list for awhile to replace some worn out cassettes. The Hurricane CD is the altered cover (without the chick) and the Keel reissue was bought because I couldn’t wait for a Japanese pressing of it to be in my price range (under $100). You just can’t wait sometimes when it comes to great Hard Rock vs. original pressing, LOL! THE FINAL FRONTIER is one of those albums that has been a thorn in my side for a long time. Always a chance to acquire it but always bitch about the price. I just happened to find a new listing with a “buy it now” for $35, I jumped right away. These 3 CDs are classics from the ’80s heydays, go get’em!