CD shopping

Even though I tried staying off the computer, I still had to check my mail, bank, Ebay, and the online CD shops.

CD Baby was my first stop last Thursday. I picked up the Big Cock album, JRK – Freedom Road (bluesy Hard Rock), and 5 Hard Rock CDs in the “$5 Special” area.
Totals – 7 CDs for $45

Ebay was next. I was watching an auction for Hurricane – Slave To The Thrill (censored cover), BUY IT NOW for $23 + $3 shipping. Not bad, scooped that up right away!
Total – 1 CD for $26

Last stop was Retrospect Records for some serious reissues. If you got to the Heavy Harmonies Forums there is some serious discussion about this label both good and bad. Trying to keep an open mind (and wanting some good music!), I ordered some CDs. $60 got me Defcon – Defcon, Manilla Thrills – Tomorrow’s Waiting, Mariah – Mariah, and Mariah – Somewhere Between Heaven & Earth. Some of these albums never saw the light of day way back when and this is the first time the material has been officially released. Retrospect has some great rare titles and reissues, pricing varies. Like I mentioned, a lot of debate on the Retrospect business practices and manufacturing over at HH Forums. I say check out the Retrospect website, read the discussion forums, and form your own opinion. I took a chance on 5 CDs so far (this order + the Friction CD a few weeks ago) and I haven’t been disappointed. I have some comments on the artwork and green-tinted discs but I can look past that for a reissue of a CD that goes for $300+ on Ebay (the Friction CD).
Total – 4 CDs for $60

Final week totals – 12 CDs for $131…..not bad…..

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