Iron Maiden DVD delayed again…..

Those of you here in the U.S. waiting for Iron Maiden’s 3 disc DVD, Death On The Road, will just have to wait again. Seems there are production problems and Sanctuary has decided to postpone the 2/21 release (again).

Maiden always puts out excellent product, so if I have to wait another few months to get a superb package, I’ll wait.


Malice – In The Beginning (1985)

Malice – In The Beginning (1985)

1. Rockin’ With You
2. Into The Ground
3. Air Attack
4. Stellar Master
5. Tarot Dealer
6. Squeeze It Dry
7. Hellrider
8. No Haven For The Raven
9. The Unwanted
10. Godz Of Thunder

You would think that with all the new CDs I bought in the last week that I would want to give them a spin. But I can’t…..this is MALICE!

Malice was featured on a couple of the famous Metal Massacre compilations on Metal Blade Records back in the early ’80s. The band then signed up with Atlantic to release this fine gem of an album in 1985 (followed by 1987’s License To Kill and 1989’s Crazy In The Night E.P.). I remember reading the Rock mags and seeing that Malice was poised for stardom based on their Judas Priest brand of Heavy Metal. This band had a decent following but got lost in the shuffle of the Glam/MTV Hard Rock movement. Despite being based in Los Angeles (the hotbed of U.S. Metal & Hard Rock), Malice basically disappeared after the 1989 E.P.

In The Beginning is one solid Metal feast. Fave track here is Tarot Dealer but all the songs are solid. Rockin’ With You, Into The Ground, Squeeze It Dry, Hellrider…..all provide healthy portions of loud guitar and Halford-esque vocals. And dig that logo! Nothing was better than the logos back in the ’80s, everyone had one and Malice’s is one of my favorites!

My copy is the Japanese CD pressing but the album was reissued by Wounded Bird last year, as was License To Kill. Very affordable to order thru them…..there’s also a ton on Ebay.

CD shopping

Even though I tried staying off the computer, I still had to check my mail, bank, Ebay, and the online CD shops.

CD Baby was my first stop last Thursday. I picked up the Big Cock album, JRK – Freedom Road (bluesy Hard Rock), and 5 Hard Rock CDs in the “$5 Special” area.
Totals – 7 CDs for $45

Ebay was next. I was watching an auction for Hurricane – Slave To The Thrill (censored cover), BUY IT NOW for $23 + $3 shipping. Not bad, scooped that up right away!
Total – 1 CD for $26

Last stop was Retrospect Records for some serious reissues. If you got to the Heavy Harmonies Forums there is some serious discussion about this label both good and bad. Trying to keep an open mind (and wanting some good music!), I ordered some CDs. $60 got me Defcon – Defcon, Manilla Thrills – Tomorrow’s Waiting, Mariah – Mariah, and Mariah – Somewhere Between Heaven & Earth. Some of these albums never saw the light of day way back when and this is the first time the material has been officially released. Retrospect has some great rare titles and reissues, pricing varies. Like I mentioned, a lot of debate on the Retrospect business practices and manufacturing over at HH Forums. I say check out the Retrospect website, read the discussion forums, and form your own opinion. I took a chance on 5 CDs so far (this order + the Friction CD a few weeks ago) and I haven’t been disappointed. I have some comments on the artwork and green-tinted discs but I can look past that for a reissue of a CD that goes for $300+ on Ebay (the Friction CD).
Total – 4 CDs for $60

Final week totals – 12 CDs for $131…..not bad…..

Back on track…..

It’s been a busy week…..

Preparing for inventory at work (it was today actually) and the Valentine’s Day festivities just put a drain on my mind. I took some time off from the computer, PS2, and stereo to watch a couple of DVDs I had lying around and to read an excellent book:

The New Wave of British Heavy Metal Encyclopedia by Malc Macmillan (2001)

Click here to order the book

Here is my Pre-inventory playlist:

Big Cock – Year Of The Cock (2005)
Icarus Witch – Capture The Magick (2005)
AC/DC – all studio albums
Def Leppard – all studio albums
Saxon – all studio albums

Nothing is better than popping the Dell DJ on, selecting AC/DC or Saxon, and pressing SHUFFLE. Better variety and some deeeeeeep tracks!