Friction – Baby Talk (1990)

Friction – Baby Talk (1990, Nizer Top Records)

1. Let The Love Begin
2. Down And Lonely
3. Baby Talk
4. Wave Goodbye To A Friend
5. Do Ya
6. Lover’s Lane
7. Broken Heart Charity Ball
8. Bed Of Roses
9. Too Late To Cry
10. Past Tense
11. Rockin’ Tonight

Let me begin by stating that this is NOT the highly collectible original CD, this is a 2005 REISSUE by Retrospect Records. The original CD is one of the rarest U.S. indies out there. It commands a hefty sum ($300-500+) on Ebay for a mint original. The Retrospect reissue is available for $30 + shipping at their website. For those interested, the CD is pressed on a green-tinted CDR, the front cover art is a bit blurry, and there is no extensive booklet. If you care about the music (I do!), this CD is worth it. If you prefer silver-pressed CDs and the original artwork/booklet, then I would keep waiting for an original. This reissue is one of Retrospect’s first releases so I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt because newer reissues are silver-pressed with extensive art, etc.

On to the music….

This is pretty good stuff for a band that hadn’t been signed. Imagine the late ’80s/early ’90s sound and that’s what is on this disc. You’ve got great vocals, great hooks and melody, and guitar solos! Nothing is better than solos, I wish they would come back in today’s music. Let The Love Begin starts the album off with a power kick and Down And Lonely brings it to a nice ’80s groove. Some other quality tunes: Broken Heart Charity Ball, Too Late To Cry, and the audience-flavored Rockin’ Tonight. This is fast becoming one of my favorite indies.

Additional information on Friction can be found here at Heavy Harmonies.

If anyone out there has an original… me right away, I’d be interested in making an offer.