The 2005 MelRock Awards (

The MelRock 2005 Awards

Just a heads up to let you readers know that Andrew over at has put up his 2005 year in review/2006 preview, The 2005 MelRock Awards.

This is always a great read (40 printed pages this year!), a well-crafted guide to the year that was in the AOR, Melodic Rock, Hard Rock, and Heavy Metal scenes.

Shameless plug:
I have been visiting daily since 1999. This site is one of the best, if not the best, websites for all things Rock. Andrew really does a great job with news, interviews, CD reviews, and album showcases. He promotes the scenes, bands, albums, and labels as best he can while keeping a fair ear to what is good and what is garbage. There is also a subscription membership to MR-X (MelodicRock Xtra) that offers a variety of musical treasures and there is the famous Noticeboard.

Go on over and check out the site, read the 2005 year in review, and support the artists and bands by picking up some of their music.