The pile…..

…..of CDs on my desk is huge!

I have exactly 150 CDs sitting here collecting dust because I have yet to give them an inaugural spin. Whether its at the few local shops I check out, Ebay, or some great online stores, I can't help but buy up what is out there. My collection is growing, I have somewhere between 2000 & 2500 CDs. I don't know the exact number because the master list I had was deleted a couple of years ago. It could be more.

Lets's run down a few of the band names:
Tora Tora, Black 'N Blue, Stormwitch, Marshall Law, Raven, Enertia, Keel, Grave Digger, Shadow Gallery, Malice, Schoolboy Crush, Icarus Witch, & Quota. There are many more but that gives you an idea of the broad spectrum here: from Hard Rock to NWOBHM to Power Metal to (what the mainstream now calls) Hair Metal.

I've scanned about half into my computer so I can send them to my Dell DJ 30. (No, not an Ipod, a Dell DJ. I could go on for hours about the evils of Ipod but we will stop at 2 points: The Dell was half the price for the same specs and not as restrictive as Apple's latest innovations.) I will take them all to work & listen to them one by one. Each album will get a fair spin, a good album sticks around a bit but the bad ones get filed in the cases.

I stopped any major CD hunting trips a couple of months ago, save for some essential new releases, but the online browsing continues. The "Want List" is ever growing! As I sit here typing this, CD Baby is on screen & I'm checking the new arrivals in the Hard Rock section. You're going to find a ton of independent bands on CD Baby, maybe even a few you've heard, at a great price, good customer service, and…..sound samples! This way you hear part of it and you can tell right away if it's shit!

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One comment on “The pile…..

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