Ken Snyder – One (2003)

Picked this album up on CD Baby months ago. It was doing a good job of collecting dust on my desk with the ever growing pile of CDs I need to get to. Its been so long since I bought this that I’ve forgot how I found out about Ken in the first place! Just figured out that it was thru his previous band, Cut Throat.

An independent release in 2003 – 12 tracks of pure instrumental Hard Rock guitar. Tracks include:
Opening Tip
Ball Buster
Shredder’s Paradise
Little Princess
Return To Paradise
Mars & Venus
Slow Burn
March Of The Ants
Closing Credits

Ken knows how to play, very talented obviously, but he does one thing that I think a lot of new guitarists forget: he plays with feeling, with his gut. Technically sound with a blues flavor. I hear a strong Steve Vai/Joe Satriani vibe, adding some Yngwie Malmsteen as well.

Now this is a guy I can listen to and go “Wow!”. In this day of dead radio, Ken Snyder is one that could give it a kick in the ass!

Buy Ken’s CD thru his website –

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